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Pools and Spas


 Before we know it, the hazy hot days of summer will be here. Along with BBQs, picnics, and gardens, summer is also synonymous with POOLS, SPAS and HOT TUBS

Generally speaking, pools, spas and hot tubs are categorized into three groups: inground; above/on-ground permanent; and above/on-ground temporary (seasonal), which include those that are portable or inflatable. 

Are permits required for all pools, spas and hot tubs? Yes, the STATE OF NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF

COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, as a safety measure, requires that any pool, spa or hot tub, as defined by the International Residential Code (IRC) 2021, New Jersey Edition, as any structure intended for swimming or recreational bathing that can hold more than twenty-four (24) inches in depth of water, requires the proper Construction permits. In addition, ALL appropriate requirements of the Municipal Zoning & Engineering Codes must be met. 

 The chart below illustrates what permits and approvals are needed for compliance: 




Annual Re-Inspection

In-Ground Pool




Above/On-Ground Pool – Permanent (capable of holding 24 or more inches of water)




Above/On-Ground - Temporary (capable of holding 24 or more inches of water)








Hot Tubs




Pools, spas or hot tubs not capable of holding over twenty-four (24) inches or more of water, (does not require permits and other Municipal approvals).





As you can see from the chart, in-ground pools, require a construction permit and approvals from both Zoning for compliance. Companies which sell and install in-ground pools in the State of New Jersey should be familiar with pool code compliance and typically handle securing permits and approvals. 

Permanent above/on-ground pools are typically installed once and left up year round. A Construction permit and Zoning approval are required. If the pool is less than forty-eight (48) inches above grade or is not barrier compliant, a barrier designed to restrict access to the pool will be required. 

Temporary or seasonal above/on-ground pools with filtering equipment are becoming more and more popular, especially for families with young children. These pools, including the inflatable ones, are disassembled at the end of the summer and then reassembled the next year. 

CAUTION: Many vendors do not tell you details of required permits for this type of pool which could become costly. While a Construction permit is required, there is no Zoning permits required. As with all residential pools less than forty-eight (48) inches above grade, a barrier designed to restrict access will be required. 

Spas and Hot Tubs, whether permanent or temporary, require a Construction and Zoning permit. The barrier exception to spas and hot tubs applies so long as a compliant safety cover is installed with the unit.  

Steps for Poll Safety Pamphlet 

We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer!