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Tax Collector

Tax Collector / Tax Search Officer
The Tax Collector's office is responsible for the billing and collection of all funds raised by taxation or assessed to property owners for county, school and municipal purposes; enforces timely payments by taxpayers, delivers delinquency notices, and calculates interest on delinquencies. Additionally, the Tax Collector is a Tax Search Officer and all requests for municipal lien searches are conducted by the Tax Collector's office.
Tax Collector Hours & Contact
(OFFICE HOURS: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00AM to 4:00PM)

Theresa Schlosser
Certified Tax Collector
Jacki Shackleton
Certified Tax Collector

Tax Billing
Tax Bills are mailed once a year in July and include the third and fourth quarters of the current tax year and the first and second quarters of the upcoming tax year.
Tax Due Dates
There is a 10 day grace period for each quarter. After 10 days interest is charged at the statutory rate of 8% on the first $1,500 and 18% on amounts greater than $1,500, and is retroactive to the first of the month. 
  • February 1
  • May 1
  • August 1
  • November 1
Methods of Payments
If taxes are delinquent, please call tax collection office for interest amount due.
  • In Person
    • Cash is accepted. Please bring your bill with you so it can be receipted.
    • Checks are accepted. All checks should be payable to "Township of Montague" and include your block and lot number. Please bring your bill with you so it can be properly receipted.
    • Credit Cards are NOT accepted in person at this time.
  • Online
  • "After Hour Payments" - Drop Box
    • For your convenience, a drop box is located outside the Municipal Building's rear entrance. No cash should be put into the drop box.
  • By Mail
    • Payments by mail should only be by check. Checks are payable to "Township of Montague". Please include your block and lot numbers on your check memo. If a receipt is needed, please send your entire bill along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If a receipt is not needed, just send the proper quarterly stub and your payment. The date of receipt shall be the date the funds are physically received in the Township of Montague Tax office. Postmarks are not accepted as date of payment. 
Address for payment:       Township of Montague
                                            Attn: Tax Collector
                                            277 Clove Road
                                            Montague, NJ 07827

Please notify the Tax Collector's office if:
  • You change your mailing address
    • If you need to change the mailing address on your records, please fill out our Change of Address Form and submit the new information to the Montague Township Tax Assessor’s Office by mail or fax. Please note that this form must be signed by the property owner.

  • Your bank or mortgage company changes 
    • If you received the original tax bill and the mortgage company is escrowing the property taxes, please have the mortgage company fax a copy of the homeowner’s authorization letter to 973-293-7467 or email 
  • you pay off your mortgage and pay your own taxes

It is the property owner’s responsibility to ascertain from the Tax Collector the amount of taxes due. If you have recently purchased the property or lost your tax bill, please call the Tax Collector’s Office or see our website to obtain the amount of taxes due or to request a copy of your tax bill. If you are a new property owner in Montague Township and you have not received the current tax bill from the seller at closing, please get in touch with the tax collector’s office.
Do not wait to receive a tax bill. Be proactive and obtain the due date and payment amount in advance. If the first notification you receive from us is a delinquent notice and you have not received a tax bill, you are not exempt from paying taxes or interest charges.
Click here for a summary of SALT (State and Local Tax) law.

Tax Sale Information
New Jersey Law requires all municipalities to hold a tax sale every year if the municipality has delinquent property taxes and/or municipal charges. Tax Sale is the enforcement of collections against a property by placing a lien against the property for all outstanding municipal charges due at the end of the calendar year (December 31). 

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